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Civic Lab Barcelona es una plataforma presencial y virtual que tiene por objetivo estimular iniciativas de articulación entre personas involucradas en las tecnologías ciudadanas y el ámbito público. Mediante la organización de conferencias, talleres, hackathons y estudios diseñados para la comunidad, buscamos influir en la creación de herramientas para el mejoramiento del sistema político. Civic Lab Barcelona es un foro de carácter transparente que se apoya en la idea de compartir el conocimiento. ¡Únete a nuestra comunidad!

Upcoming events

  • Taller con Auténtika cada Lunes 19:30-21:30, Centre Cívic Parc-Sandaru

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Initiator and co-founder
Whilst studying international politics and sociology at City University London, Paul-Marie co-designed a civic tech app called Bridge, which became the turning point to materialize his drive for change with Alexis through Civic Lab Barcelona.


After living in New York for three years, Alexis studied at the Euro-American campus of Sciences Po Paris. Civic Tech aficionado, Alexis is one the two thinking caps behind the inception of Civic Lab Barcelona and is experienced in strategy developement, content creation, and communication.


Linguist and educator
Enrique is an advocate of social equality for LGTB people. In 1993 he joined the Spanish network for the prevention of HIV/STDs, and was an activist of the international treatment preparedness coalition


P2P Dynamics and Gamification Researcher
Virginia is a researcher interested in P2P dynamics in economics, ecology, politics, culture. Her work is devoted to researching technology trends applied to the evolution of a paradigm balancing competence and cooperation, with the potential of labor network effects, making use of artistic and gamified dynamics, at a global scale.


Alberto Canales is a student in practices of Civic Innovation through Arquitecture and Urbanism studied at the schools of EPSEB, ETSAV at UPC and exchanges in RGU Aberdeen, ETSA Seville and EDC Sao Paulo. He is interested in collaborative design projects, environmental education and cultural landscapes. Alberto feeds his passion for coproduction of knowledge of proximity at a glocal level through his participation in Citilab, Civicwise and Civic Lab Barcelona.