Civic Lab Journey #1 : TICTEC 2016

Stay tuned as we walk you through the inception of Civic Lab Barcelona, from ideas raised throughout international conferences to action.

Civic Lab Barcelona’s very first step in the International Civic Tech community occurred last April at TICTeC 2016 (The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference). In Barcelona’s World Trade Center, Civic Lab Barcelona observed how powerful Civic technologies developed themselves and how these technologies could be ethically sustained.

From using Minecraft for civic participation and house building, or the organization of citizenry by, to the presentation of the U.S. Civic Tech ecosystem (Facebook research on participation, Civic Hall taxonomy, Google and data-driven citizen empowerment), the conference was filled with innovative ideas and milestone discoveries. Here is our pick of insightful concepts and issues that came out of the conference.

Following social movements across the world, as of late, the Civic Tech scene has been skyrocketing, yet most of its actors encounter practical limits to further expand Civic Tech.


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