Civic Lab Journey #2 : D-cent

From TICTEC to D-cent, here are further issues raised in international conferences, additional bricks down our yellow path to Emerald democracy.

Civic Lab Barcelona was at the d-cent conference recently in Madrid, which was organized in the delightful setting of the Reina Sofia Museum. Here is a quick recap of the most stimulating ideas which we liked best.

To provide some background, D-cent is a European project seeking to use open source tools to foster direct democracy as well as economic empowerment. D-cent believes in reinventing politics thriving on the array of new opportunities provided by the digital age. The conference in Madrid, entitled Democratic Cities — Commons technology and the right to a democratic city, was meant to discuss network democracy and citizen participation in democratic cities, right up Civic Lab Barcelona’s alley. The event gathered great minds from all spheres and all continents, from Madrid mayor Manuela Carmena, to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

As first presented by event coordinator Francesca Bria, the discussion was designed to deliberate on the production of tools drafted to reenergize and reinvent direct democracy. One meant to be governed for the people with the people, along the lines of openness, experiments, and integration.

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