The fight against political apathy and alienation

Community driven civic techs: rekindling the social and political link through civic engagement.

Political apathy and alienation are the plague of our era with abstention skyrocketing to 56.19% in Spain for the 2014 European elections. People are desensitized about the political sphere and the political class, as a latent feeling of powerlessness grows like a tumor within our society. Just take a look at France’s last regional election, which witnessed 49% of abstention, prompting France’s extreme right party to lead the first round. We relate less and less to the political arena ensuing in (self-)marginalization. Politics grow increasingly foreign to us, and as a result, many give up and relegate their attention to more light hearted and relatable topics.

Concomitantly, in our modern time, one has to cope with feelings of social isolation in suburban environments. There are many instances, as work mobility increases, in which people move to cities where they are left without an inner circle to structure their private life. Past the work sphere, it can be challenging to socialize in an urban setting that is too big to provide proximity if one does not belong to a community. It is a state that the Economist calls: “being alone in the crowd”.

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