Democracy is dead long live democracy!

There is a growing concern in our society about the paralyzed state of modern democracy. It seems that politicians are existentially driven by five year goals, without engaging directly with the core of the problem. Accountability and representativeness, the core values of democracy, seem to be progressively forgotten by the political class, which instead has been reproducing a pattern of stagnant administrations. Voters grow frustrated and apathetic, leading to abstention and blank votes. We have lost faith in democracy.

Nonetheless there might be a remedy to be found within our current democratic structure, a pool of untapped potential which we need to direct our efforts to. Indeed, the great breakthrough of the past decade has been the invention of internet and software technology. From taxis to food delivery many parts of our lives have been “uberised”. However one primal component of our society has been resisting change: the political sphere. In response to this void, the civic tech(nologies) movement has lately been gaining momentum. Civic techs across the world are progressively leaning towards the paradigm shift we so desperately need. Their purpose is straightforward: they seek to bridge the citizens to their representants, employing the advancement of software to connect citizens and transform social and democratic institutions. They provide global platforms for civilians to engage in their communities, to share information and resources along with their time, so as to have an impact on an upper scale.

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