16 September 2016

Events: talks & workshops

A central part of our mission is to bring the Civic Tech community together in order to be able to discuss, debate and enlighten each other. To do so, we run different types of events that generate the space and times to further advance the conversation around democracy and technology. Here are some of the ones we’ve run.

Civic Lab Barcelona Presentation

  • Location: MOB&PAU
  • Participants: Civic Lab BCN

Civic Lab Launching Night

  • Date: May 31st 2016
  • Location: FabLab
  • Participants:Civic Lab BCN, X.net, Osoigo, Kuorum and Poletika
  • Event page

Is the future of democracy open or closed source?

  • Date: June 27th 2016
  • Location: MOB & PAU
  • Participants:Civic Lab BCN, apps4citizens, decidim.barcelona, Open Seneca, Nabu, Autentika
  • Event page