16 September 2016

Gender & Technology



Gender and Tech is specific effort by Civic Lab Barcelona, OuiShare and Autentika to run initiatives based on Civic Tech related to the fight to reduce the digital gender gap and break the glass ceiling that makes it difficult for women in technology.

Initially, the initiative consists of, on the one hand, throwing a series of events (talks, panels) and on the other, running a series of workshops to go over the theoretical topics discussed in those and their implementation in practice. In the long term, leverage the accumulated collective knowledge, we aspire to build tools facilitating the empowerment of citizenry to pressure the administration on gender policy issues.

The pilot event was a OuiShare Talk which took place in Kubik Barcelona on the 14th July of 2016: 1st Series of events about Gender and Technology (TakeBackTheTech).



  1. Expose the community to the interconnexion of different themes of gender discrimination, and to the necessity of finding local diverse solutions to reach a more collaborative society.
  2. Continue building the project with the citizenry as the circle of events enfolds (the project doesn’t have an expiration date).
  3. Assess the extent of gender inequality in the technological ventures and the TIC
  4. Determine what we need to improve and correct, and the tools available to do so.
  5. Evaluate how the collaborative economy can contribute to end gender inequalities.
  6. Empower citizens through the use of spaces of collaboration and collective support so as to be heard by public institutions and create networks of useful and informal knowledge (emanating from civil society)

Who are our targets

Our group target is transgenerational. Our idea is to have people from different age groups feel equally comfortable.

Past events: