2 October 2016

Making Sense


Making Sense is a European project looking to empower citizens to use open-source technologies such as sensors and data visualization tools. The goal is to be able to monitor the environment, capturing and sharing data about noise pollution, air quality, temperature and other factors. Making Sense is based on the technology from Smart Citizen, which started at FabLab Barcelona in 2011 and was crowdfunded twice, through Goteo and KickStarter.

Between September 2016 and October 2017, Making Sense will work on three interventions of sensorizing citizenry. The idea behing these interventions is to create collaboration networks between existing communities which find themselves affected by environmental issues and would like to use technology to act. Civic Lab collaborates with Making Sense in spreading their initiative to different communities, running workshops, events and using its existing network to reach those groups most likely to benefit from it.