15 October 2016

Join us

Civic Lab Barcelona intends to be a meeting point for all thosse who have an interest in exploring technology as a means to improve the quality of our democracy. We understand CLB as a meeting point for all the citizens, thinkers, activists and entrepreneurs who want to work in this direction.

In order to achieve that, some of the values that we intend to maintain as we build the organization are those of opennes and transparency. We believe it is essential to have open ways to channel the participation energy of all those interested in the project by designing an organizational structure  that allows to articulate different levels of commitment in the most efficient, useful way and making sure that it responds tothe motivations and ideas of each individual when joining this collective project.

We are working on the model of our levels of participation, but in the meantime don’t hesitate to write to us at hola@civiclab.es.