23 October 2016



Auténtika is an ONLIVE game (online and in-person) which combines artistic and gamified methodologies with economic and social dynamics. It promotes creativity, collective intelligence and self-organitzation using Hashketing. Hashketing is an innovative technique that combines marketing good practices with taxonomy concepts (science of classification).

Auténtika allows to classify and reward initiatives of major impact in the Common Good, working on three types of actions:

Monetary autonomy, based on progressive savings of conventional money;

Direct democracy, with opinion polls and facilitated decision-making;

Biomimicry, since most of the rules of the game are based in natural cycles.

This website is under contruction. You’ll find more online information on Facebook and we meet every monday from 19:30 to 21:30 at Centre Cívic Parc Sandaru 

Landmarks of the road we are doing (Spanish)


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Entrevista sobre Auténtika y el Futuro de la Democracia

Canal de Vir Peertopeer para compartir ideas que aúnan el Arte y la Tecnología para combinar Economía y Democracia